Agency Name: Bald Eagle Boys’ Camp
Address: 1077 Wilderness Trail Mill Hall, PA 17751
Phone: 570-748-4543
Fax: 570-748-7009
Contact Person: Laverne Beachy

Target population: Boys
Age Range: 9-16 years old
Eligibility requirements: Must have emotional and/or behavioral disorder and interview to be accepted into the program
Costs: Depends on family’s income
Days/Times: average of 18 months

  • Requirements of the family:The boy’s family is required to participate in evaluations which are held on campus. There are also home visits which keeps the families up to date on the process for their children. The camper returns home every 6 weeks for four days. The home visit allows the camper to apply the skills he learned at camp toward his family members. The counselors can measure the boy’s progress through home visits.
    Description: Through informal, hands-on teaching styles, boys will learn and develop to become better behaved and happier individuals. The camp is structured around spiritual values which they use to influence the troubled campers. Campers gain life experience through a number of fun activities, and also Independence and responsibility are established by completion of routine chores. The camp aims to prepare boys to return to conventional schooling.
  • Academics:
    Description: Academics are built into the daily routines and activities. Each camper is taught to use practical mathematics in the designing and construction of the tents. Weekly meal planning and cooking provides opportunity to learn about nutrition, budgeting, and home economics. Each week, campers visit the Trading Post, the Wilderness Camp store where they learn to write checks and keep checking accounts. When the group plans the weekly schedule, a boy is required to cooperate creatively with others, and put his thoughts into words on paper.